TEXT Flirting the Easy-Date way!

Put some FUN into Flirting!

Everyone has a mobile phone these days - now you can use it to flirt in real time with sexy girls!

Simple & Sexty

Nice & Easy

Easy-Date means Easy Sext! Use your mobile and spark up some sexy texting! Light relief and just for adults remember!
To get stuck in see the big yellow box below- that's all the gumpff there is!
You need an adult verified handset to sext!

Rude Pic Swap!

Pic Swapping & Sext Chat

The MATE sext chat system is all about wicked fun - and that includes swapping rude pics as part of the no holds barred roleplay fun! Perfect flirty and dirty entertainment when you're in a mucky mood!

Chat, Flirt & Play

Easy Sext Chat

Warm things up with some hot fantasy sexting! Practice those dody chat up lines with no fear of a slap!
** Dating, meeting and number exchange is not implied. Easy Date's 'MATE' sex text service is for enternainment only.

Feeling Frisky, Get Text Sexting!

Send MATE to 69779

All received texts and sent and received photos cost £1.50 Plus your standard network charge.
You must be the Billpayer, aged over 18 to chat. To quit the service send ‘STOP’ to 69779 Send ‘STOPALL’ to 69779 to opt out of marketing. Promoter & Information Provider PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. CustomerCare 02031891882

Text a MATE!

Sexy Chat Fun

Have Fun!

The MATE text chat service is meant to be 'just for fun'. It's an adult, racy medium where you can chat to girls without fear of offending them, try out chat up lines and generally get a bit wicked. Or a lot wicked, the choice is yours!

Naughty Sext Chat Girls

Naughty Girls

Lets be honest it's sexting so you're not expecting good girls are you? We'd say that you'll have some fantasy fun with some right mucky tarts ;-)

Sextual Feelings

Textual Feelings & Dealings

So you aren't confused or bewidered here's how it works:
After sending the MATE trigger word to 69779, you will be asked to confirm your date of birth, by replying to a free message.
Of course, you can swap photos and things will probably get exceedingly rude! Remember, MATE sex tex chat is for Adult fun only!
Messages are answered by intermediaries.
Fantasy chat and picture swap is part of role play entertainment.
You will need a mobile handset that is Adult Verified, if in doubt contact your network for assistance


Personal Security

As with all forms of dating Easy-Date recommends that you use common sense when dealing with people. When sex chatting don't disclose more about yourself than you need to; that means don't try and text your address or anything that unscupulous people could use to harm you.

Terms & Conditions

You must be over 18 & have the billpayer’s permission. All received text, sent & received photos cost £1.50 plus your standard charge. You may receive a maximum of TWO texts costing £1.50 each per sent message. To quit the service send ‘STOP’ to 69779 Send ‘STOPALL’ to 69779 to opt out of marketing. This is a virtual text service for entertainment purposes. Texts are answered by intermediaries over 18, between 07.00-00.00 Hrs. Promoter & Information Provider PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. CustomerCare 02031891882 Website: www.premtel.net

MATE Sexting Chat!

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MATE Text Tips

  • Text Tips

    You probably think you know everything about how to get yourself a lady by texting, but the truth is blokes make some real cringe-worthy mess ups
    Click on Mistakes Explained to see how to avoid messing up a text chat up line!

  • Mistakes Explained
    (Yes, people DO make these mistakes…)
    Don't come on too strong
    Don't big yourself up too much!
    Ask and show interest in your contact!
    Avoid being rude or crude- it doesn't work with the ladies!
  • To Call, to Text or to Surf?

    The alert ones amongst you (!) will have seen that we have no less than three channels all designed to get you connected. Each one offers you a method to get chatting to the opposite sex in a properly designed safe environment.

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